During this years AGM, we held a collection for committee member Brian Morgan. Unfortunately, Brian is currently fighting against ill health, and cannot undertake his work as a taxi driver.

A significant amount was collected during the meeting, and Brian has asked me to send his heart felt thanks to everyone that has contributed. Brian was not expecting this, and to say he was surprised is an understatement.

 I am sure that everyone from the club wishes Brian a speedy and full recovery.

This carp was caught by Matt on the last day of 2017


Do you have a picture of the first carp caught in 2018?
If you do, please send it in.

As some of you may know, the majority of our Carp have security chips in them (similar to those that are used on cats and dogs).
Not only does this help protect against fish theft, it also helps us monitor fish growth. We need your help in monitoring our fish. Therefore, we will shortly be installing a box at Cranham that will house a scanner and pro forma fish data sheets.
We request that when you catch a carp, please scan it and record the data as requested. An instruction sheet will also be placed in the box.
You will also be able to forward the data to us via email.
This information will help us to ensure that our stocking levels are correct, and that our winter feeding programme is working.

Thanks for your help.

Please remember to send us pictures of your recent catches.
Just email to the link above.


 Lovely 19lb Carp caught by Steve Roper during the recent Winter league match.

Please note,  during the coming season (2017/18), the committee have decided to temporarily relax the rule regarding the number of guest tickets that each member can obtain this season. The current rule states that only six tickets can be obtained per member. However, in a response to requests by members, this rule will be relaxed this season. This will be monitored by the comittee/guest ticket sellers and can be re-introduced at any time if the comittee se fit to do so.


Do you have any photos of catches from our waters?

If you do, please send them to:  pictures@Aveleyanglingclub.co.uk










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