The Club Ide record has been broken by Graham Green.
Now stands at 3lb 3oz




Please note, that during the coming season (2017/18) the committee have decided to relax the rule regarding the number of guest tickets that each member can obtain per season. The current rule states that only six tickets can be obtained per member. However, in a response to requests by members, this rule will not apply this season. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of guest tickets that can be obtained per season. This will be monitored by the comittee and can be re-introduced at any time if the comittee se fit to do so.


Do you have any photos of catches from our waters?

If you do, please send them to:




Just to prove that we are a family club. Here are photos of two of our younger anglers. Tiger Lilly (Aged 4) and Freddie Woodfine (Aged 6)

and Ced Hammond's young Grandson.






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